Mullayyanagiri Peak, Chikmagalur, Karnataka, India

Mullayyanagiri, located in Chikmagalur district, in the Indian state of Karnataka, is the highest peak in Karnataka, at an altitude of 1930 mts (6330 ft) from sea level. From the top of the mountain, the view of the hills of the western ghat is amazing, especially during the sunset, its a spectacular view.

 View from the Peak down to the Base Car Parking

 Entrance to the Temple at the Peak

Churches in Goa, India

Other than the Beaches, Goa is also popular for the beautiful Churches constructed during the Portuguese rule in India around 16th century. Most of the Churches are in Old Goa, which is around 10 km east of the state capital Panjim. The Churches & Convents of Old Goa are the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Here are some of the popular Churches in Goa:

Basilica of Bom Jesus:
This is one of the oldest Churches in Goa. Bom Jesus means "Good" or "Holy" Jesus. The Church located in Old Goa, holds the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. The public viewing of his body will be held once in 10 years. The artwork inside the Church is too good.

Annapoorneshwari Temple, Horanadu, Karnataka, India

Annapoorneshwari Temple also called as Sri Kshethra Horanadu, is situated on the banks of river Bhadra in Chikkamagalur district of the Indian state of Karnataka. The place is surrounded by lush green mountains with natural vegetation, forest on the Western Ghats. Its an ancient Temple of Goddess Annapoorneshwari which means "Feeding one and all". 

Entrance to the Main Temple

Beaches in Goa, India

When you talk about Goa, its the beautiful beaches which makes it exciting for the tourists. The beaches in Goa are warm, winter is the ideal time to visit beaches in Goa, the temperature hovers around 22-28 degree C. North Goa Beaches have a lot of water sports & other adventurous activities, a majority of youth crowd goes to North Goa, on the other side South Goa beaches are quite & peaceful.

North Goa Beaches:

Dona Paula Beach:

This place is actually a land projection in to the sea for some distance & both sides you can see the sea. But today due to commercialization, the beauty of it is lost due to small shops along the path. But still its a great place to hang around especially during the evening to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Hong Kong, People's Republic of China

Hong Kong is one of the two special administrative regions of the People's Republic of China the other being Macau. It is situated on China's south coast & enclosed by the Pearl River Delta & South China Sea. Hong Kong was a British Colony from 1841-1997 (Excluding Japanese rule from 1941-1945). The transfer of Sovereignty from United Kingdom to People's Republic of China happened on July 1st 1997. With a land mass of only about 1104 sqkm, Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas in the World.

View of Hong Kong Central, Kowloon from The Victoria Peak

Hong Kong Skyline from Pier 7